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Tenant Information

APPLICATION: Complete the application on the website www.rpmaz.com. A $40 non-refundable application fee is charged for each Occupant 18 years and older. Call for PRE APPROVAL before you pay on line. (480-820-5201)

CREDIT CHECK: Upon completion of the application a credit check will be completed to determine if applicant is accepted for tenancy. We run credit to obtain a credit score, criminal and eviction checks. Open bankruptcy is not accepted.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by phone as soon as possible.

NON-REFUNDABLE FEE: After credit is complete, tenant will pay a NON-REFUNDABLE fee (cashier check) to hold the home. At occupancy this fee is will be applied to total fees owed per the lease agreement.

LEASE SIGNING: Applicants will be required to complete the lease and pay the full amount due per the lease in the form of a cashier check. Succeeding months lease amounts may be paid by personal check or online.

WALK THROUGH: At move in occupant will be given a WALK IN form to complete within 5 days. If form is not returned to management, at move out, tenant may be charged for preexisting damages. Occupant shall make note of any defect on the walk in form. Items that are noted are not to be considered a repair list, but would be taken into consideration at move out. We have turned over the home in a clean condition and you have accepted the home in that condition.

KEYS: Will be released to you when full payment, per the lease agreement, has been received by R&C Real Estate. Early move in will not be allowed unless lease is changed and additional days added to lease and paid for by the occupant. Tenants are not provided mail box keys.

SMOKING: There is to be NO SMOKING or MEDICAL MARJUANA inside the home

OCCUPANCY STANDARDS: Arizona occupancy standards are 2 people per bedroom. All properties are subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act. Our staff are trained and educated on a regular basis on the latest local, state and federal statues pertaining to leasing regulations.

SECTION 8: It is the Owners election as to the acceptance of Section 8 occupants.